About ICZMP Odisha


The ICZMP (Integrated Coastal Zone Management Project) is a Government of India project aimed at minimizing the impact of cyclones on industries located in coastal areas. Odisha, being a coastal state frequently affected by cyclones, would have an ICZMP unit focusing on creating a disaster risk reduction strategy for industrial establishments.

Historically, the coastal zone has been a major focus for the development of human Society. The coastal and marine ecosystems being highly productive attract human settlement and economic activities. Coastal zone ecosystem is important for biological and economic productivity, storm protection, erosion control and most importantly it provides a host of ecosystem services which are crucial for human wellbeing.

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Despite their ecological richness and the contribution to national economy, the coastal and marine areas have not received adequate protection, and are under stress. Rapid urban-industrialization, maritime transport, marine fishing, tourism, coastal and sea bed mining, offshore oil and natural gas production and aquaculture have led to a significant increase in demand for infrastructure, resulting in the over-exploitation of natural resources.